Do You Know What Your Local Community Wants from Your Hall?

Did you know every month over 80,000 people search online to find a local hall to hire? Your Community Space recently commissioned a consumer survey to find out the needs and opinions of the local community. There is a strong awareness about the existence of community buildings and a high percentage of people who have […]


Make Sure Your Hall isn’t Underinsured!

Imagine the worst happening, such as a fire, storm damage or an incident that causes severe damage to your building, then finding out when you make a claim that you are not adequately covered. Hundreds, if not thousands of community buildings are at risk because they do not have the correct level of insurance coverage. […]


Ways to Get Your Community Space or Hall Noticed

If you own or manage a community space or hall, then you understand how difficult it is to market your space for performances, weddings and other special events.  From paying for ads in local media and online to trying to attract local businesses, schools and other places where you could market your services, it can […]


Have you checked you are not paying too much VAT on your utility bills?

Today we have been catching up with Christine Penman at Synergy Utilities. At Synergy, they are committed to helping community buildings save on their utility costs. They have also successfully submitted backdated claims for overpaid VAT, raising thousands for halls across the UK. How Do You Help Community Halls? Here at Synergy Utilities, we specialise […]


How to find the perfect Community Space

With over 100 Counties throughout the UK, finding your perfect space has never been simpler.