Do You Know What Your Local Community Wants from Your Hall?

Did you know every month over 80,000 people search online to find a local hall to hire?

Your Community Space recently commissioned a consumer survey to find out the needs and opinions of the local community.

There is a strong awareness about the existence of community buildings and a high percentage of people who have used a venue previously.

Almost 70% of people who have already booked a hall would consider hiring again.

82% of respondents who hadn’t previously hired a hall would consider doing so.

If there was an activity of interest taking place at their hall, almost 70% of respondents said they would attend.

Currently, 60% do not use an online resource to book a local hall.  However, over 50% said they would prefer to book online or through social media.

Almost 70% think the information available about village halls is minimal or could be improved and 70% of respondents answered that having information and pictures readily available was essential and would influence their decision to book.

Over 80% felt community buildings were essential or good for the community and 75% felt that community halls were important, with just over 20% thinking they are not.

Over 60% said they would consider volunteering if it would help to keep their hall open and again over 60% said they would consider attending a fundraising event for their local hall.  Just over 60% said they would be interested in receiving information about volunteering for their local hall.

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How is this information helpful to you?

Meeting your potential customer’s needs helps you to offer the right kind of activities, or introduce services that will benefit the wider community.

Asking your community for their input will help you build relationships and attract more people to use and help the running of the hall.  Please click to see how one community centre was able to turn around their fortunes by having an online presence.

What can you do to reach these people?

Perhaps locally, you could conduct your own mini survey.

Online ideas

If you do not currently have a website, social media is a free and simple way to get started.  You can create a Facebook page and a group for your hall. For our social media tips visit

Ask all your committee members to like the page.  Ask them to invite their friends and family to like the page and join the group.

Post on your local village Facebook page inviting people to like your page and join the group.

Request users who regularly book the hall to like the page, join the group and ask them to share the details with their customers.  Find local membership groups like Women’s Institute, University of 3rd Age, National Childbirth Trust and local voluntary councils all of which have very active memberships.  Before you know it, you should be able to create a decent following.

Start posting, you can get inspiration from all sorts of places such as national and international awareness days. Use the page to share local news and events, even if they are not taking part at your hall, it helps your audience to see that you are involved in the local community.

Take a look at Your Community Space page.

You can start posting ideas on your page to ask your community to respond. In Facebook groups, you can also create mini polls.

In person

Here are some inexpensive ideas you could try:–

  • Have an open family fun day in your hall with all the users that hold regular events.
  • At elections, have volunteers conduct a brief survey.
  • Have volunteers do a leaflet drop in your community with competition prizes for those who respond.
  • If you have a local shop, have a stall in there for a few key days over a couple of weeks to reach a good variety of local people to survey. Perhaps you could have a cake/craft stall or a raffle so you can raise funds at the same time.

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