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Your Community Space is on a mission to encourage the public to fall back in love with their local halls. We are changing forever the way that people can search for a community hall.

Our vision is to provide one leading website where the public can search for a local space and activities, and to put local halls back into the heart of their communities.

We believe that this will help halls become more sustainable and to secure their future.

By providing a free online profile with the option to upgrade to affordable plans, halls can advertise their available spaces in one easy place.

Whether you are buying a house, looking for a holiday, wanting to engage with a tradesman or even order a takeaway, there is a website that will help you find the best business for your needs.

Many of these websites are now household names that we have come to rely upon in recent years.

When it comes to community buildings, users still need to search websites individually to find what they are looking for.

There is the distinct shift between searching and buying online as opposed to in-person, and Your Community Space aims to solve that problem for
community buildings.

  • Our research with volunteers from community buildings found that:
  • Committees are struggling to find new and younger volunteers to help manage their buildings.
  • With the recent years of austerity, it is getting more difficult to access funding.
  • Some halls reported being too busy.
  • Other halls reported not being busy enough.
  • Some committees were looking for advice to manage their governance.
  • Others were struggling with their fire risk assessments, capacity and much needed upgrading.

The overriding issue we consistently heard is that volunteers are keen to promote their hall, not only for attracting more bookings, but to also attract new volunteers. They recognise that it is vital to be fully engaged in their local community to help attract volunteers.

Many also felt that the local community did not know why the hall was there and what it was used for.

  • Our research with customers looking to hire a space or an event found that:
  • Almost 70% of our survey respondents were not aware of all of the halls in their local vicinity. There were 4-
  • 5 times more halls than they thought
  • Over 80% of the respondents of our survey said that they preferred to search online
  • 60% said they would consider volunteering for their local hall
  • Over 60% said that they would attend a fundraising event for their local hall
  • Just over 60% said they would like more information about volunteering for their local hall

Our aim is to helps halls be busier, yet easier to manage. We wish to encourage the community to make the best use of their halls and to get involved with activities and events. We want to help halls increase their bookings, generate more revenue and be visible to more users.

How to find the perfect Community Space

With over 100 Counties throughout the UK, finding your perfect space has never been simpler.