Your Community Space FAQs

  • How are you different from other similar websites?
    Your Community Space takes the time to visit every venue to take professional photographs and work with you to create your profile. That way we can ensure all your information is accurate. In addition, we will get in touch with you annually to update your information. We also have a live events calendar so people can search for activities held at your space.
  • Why do you charge for the service?
    There are real costs involved in order to provide this service. There are fees for the photographer, and to have plans drawn up. Your membership fees will also be used to pay for advertising,events to promote Your Community Space and to spend on further development of the website.
  • How many people can log in to use the service?
    We will provide access for two people to log into the system.
  • When is the website launching?
    The website will launch in the Autumn of 2017. We will keep you updated on the progress via a newsletter.
  • Why do we have to pay so far in advance?
    Due to the numbers of Community Buildings across the UK, it would be impossible to visit them alland create all the profiles in a short space of time. By signing up venues during the time the website is being developed, we will be able to launch with a good selection of venues. However, your membership will not start until the day the website is launched, and you will receive a full 12month membership from that date.
  • Can we use our own photographs?
    Yes, you can. However, if you are using photographs with people in the images, then you must ensure you have their permission to use the images.
  • Can we use our own plans?
    Yes, it is possible to use your own plans, however the plans may need to be re-drawn so they are simplified.
  • How do we work out the correct capacity for our venue?
    The CLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) guide for Fire Safety Risk Assessment in Small and Medium Places of Assembly under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is available to download free from
  • How do we complete the inventory?
    You will be sent link that will guide you through the inventory process, you can create your own Username and Password so you can log in and out. The inventory does not need to be completed in one go. (Please note your photography will not be booked until the inventory is fully completed).
  • Is it not best to just have a Facebook page?
    Yes, you are still able to have a Facebook page and Your Community Space encourages all users to engage with all methods of social media. However, to only have a Facebook page will not give you access to all the features available at Your Community Space, such as theevent calendar, forums, useful articles & templates. You will also not be included in general and radius searches by users.
  • Can you get a discount if you provide your own images and plans?
    Unfortunately, no. Member fees will not only be used to cover the costs for photography and plans, it will also be spent on administration, advertising and events to promote all the venues.
  • Why can you only pay member fees electronically?
    Your Community Space is committed to keeping fees as low as possible, so the service is accessible to as many Community Buildings as possible. Electronic payments are more environmentally friendly, save on paper, postage and administration costs, as well as being secure and reliable. We have partnered with GoCardless to process payments as they are extremely reputable for their work with charities and community organisations.
  • What do I have to do, to cancel membership?
    Your Community Space requires 30 days notice to cancel your account. This can be via email or to our registered address. Email:
    Your Community Space
    Registered Office: 3 Stadium Court,
    Plantation Road,
    Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QG
  • Can we have help to set up the profile?
    Yes, there will be a customer service department to help you with technical and general queries, in addition to online support.